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You need to know enough about the most frequently tested rules — and then the really important thing is knowing what to prioritize when an SC question appears on the screen. English offers an endless supply of exciting-sounding things like gerunds, adjectival modifiers, progressive tenses, and absolute phrases. If you really do want to learn all of that stuff, go for it. What do we mean by that? Sounds simple enough, right? So the key is to start with the most straightforward, frequently tested rules. The following are topics that will give you the most bang for your buck, because they are either based on very mechanical rules — or because the GMAT simply loves to test them: 1.

But in other SC questions — including this one and this one — those seven topics are lamentably useless. Then think about whether those differences are going to impact the meaning in some way. And it seems to be a very nice sentiment about equality among people with different educational backgrounds. Here, have another one: Some buildings that were destroyed or heavily damaged in the earthquake last year had been constructed in violation of the city's building code.

Some buildings that were destroyed or heavily damaged in the earthquake last year had been 2. That seems reasonable. But option 2 subtly expresses the wrong idea. And we could go on and on with more examples. The bottom line: getting better at distinguishing between the meaning of two sentences is a difficult thing, since no two questions will test exactly the same content and meaning. Your ear is your enemy!

In other words, SC was designed to punish test-takers who relied on their ear. Many of them are just too damned long and convoluted. So keep your ear out of it! Your ability to immediately recognize the most frequently-tested rules as soon as you see any SC question, as described above. Instead of looking for one wonderful, correct sentence, identify four wrong answers. You might not like the answer that remains, because it might sound like a steaming turd. You might be able to learn something from the non-official SC questions sometimes, but whenever possible, focus your SC energy on official questions.

The same is true for SC, albeit to a lesser degree. So if your underlying reading skills need improvement, be honest with yourself about it! And if you need to work on those skills, check out the links at the end of this post and in the Ultimate RC Guide for Beginners. Want more? You have questions about SC? How to improve from great to incredible !

Last edited by bb on Jan 31, am, edited 2 times in total. Finally, the post for which I was eagerly waiting for. I know I have been chasing to you for this, the wait is now over. Once again, a great post deserving a Kudos and a Bookmark. I really admire the way you always try to go to the basics of the GMAT exam, the short story is amazing and an eye opener. This subtle difference in the choice of words maths and Quantitative Reasoning can change our perspectives completely. Finally, your point on choosing four wrong answers is spot on, I think it is high time for me to get used this method in order to increase accuracy on GMAT SC.

Thanks a Ton for this post! As always they are really valuable for someone like me who is struggling with SC and want to improve the score. Sentence correction problems made easy. Thanks a lot. This topic needs to be made into a permanent sticky. One can feel the kind of energy and diligence required to make such a focussed article. Definitely was worth the wait!! Thanks a ton. WR, Arpit P. Felt nice to predict few tips as I mentioned in this post click here lol!!

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Thank you for the kind words, everybody! Glad that the post is useful. And sorry for the wait -- it took some time to get this one to actually make sense. I did learn grammar rules but i was not giving meaning top priority when i started preparing. Now i have changed that strategy i am more focused on meaning rather that pure grammar and my accuracy has increased. I have gone through this post a month back and from that day, i started following the approach mentioned in this post.

Why do I need a blender?

So today i decided to post my reply to mention that this approach, to find four wrong answer choices rather than finding one correct choice, really works. I can see the improvements in my SC practice questions.

Thanks a ton Gmatninja Regards Sarab. Schools: Ross ' This here is one of the best posts I've ever laid my eyes on. Can simply vouch for it because i suffer from the most dangerous of the problems outlined by you. I have the 'Bad ear syndrome'. I trust my ears a bit too much when attempting a sentence correction problem.

Appreciations and regards for pointing out the problems and also providing a pathway to tackle them. Actually I do your first approach, which another source called as "low hanging fruit", but unfortunately I am getting lost often in the second step : understand logic and meaning. Surely need more practice! Btw, you are a great writer. It was enjoyable to read your story!

Sentence correction is not an enemy anymore. Thanks a lot The Wednesday Live videos on youtube are incredibly helpful In questions such as the ones listed below, if there are no obvious errors when you first read it, how are you supposed to approach the problem? Should you jump straight to consider the meaning of the sentence?

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Question 1 As the former chair of the planning board for 18 consecutive years and a board member for 28 years, Joan Philkill attended more than meetings and reviewed more than rezoning applications. Question 2 With centuries of seasonal roaming in search of pasture for their herds or food and water, the Nomads still found the goal of a bawdy, prolonged adventure an elusive one A With B Following C Despite D Having spent E As a result of. Brilliantly written and extremely helpful. I find it really helpful as I am just starting out in my prep. Print view. First unread post.

Display posts from previous: All posts 1 day 7 days 2 weeks 1 month 3 months 6 months 1 year Sort by Author Post time Subject Ascending Descending. Search for:. You are here:. Oct 11 Prepare a Concrete Application Plan! Question banks. My Bookmarks. Important topics. Find Similar Topics. Regards I'm so happy to hear that this is helpful, kill3rlook5! Sprinkle a bit of cinnamon on the apples before drying for a special treat.

See how to make applesauce fruit leather for instructions on this healthy snack with and without a food dehydrator. How much to use? For applesauce rolls, you can pour them rather thick and probably fit about ten apples per tray. I like to stick the blender in the fridge and try to make another batch as soon as the first is done without washing anything in between! So sad. Just like you would for apples, like I described above. Stop dehydrating when leathery. You can also continue dehydrating until you get banana chips if you slice them thinly enough , which would be a different texture to experiment with.

Dehydrating took about 10 hours. Chips would likely take hours. With a full food dehydrator, expect longer times, like 15 hours for dried bananas. It takes about bananas to fill a tray, although this all depends on how thinly you slice them. Skip the pre-treat for strawberries.

A fruit roll or fruit leather is a perfect way to be able to use up on-its-way-out fruit , and the preparation is generally easier than any other method of preservation. Cool trick : You can even leave the leaves on the strawberries when you dehydrate them. The sheets available for the Excalibur are called Paraflexx , and they are coated with Teflon to be non-stick. This will never flake or scratch off.

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Excalibur also sells a vegetable-based parchment paper that is renewable and compostable as an alternative option. You can just tell when talking to someone if they understand how to be eco-friendly, and Excalibur certainly has a handle on that. Making the Best of Basics instructions calls for freezing the cranberries, then 30 seconds in boiling water, then a cold water bath.

The point is to get the skins to crack so that the moisture can be released in the dehydrator. I had to use a paring knife and puncture each cranberry individually , which made me very glad I was only testing one small bag! Any cranberries that are not cracked simply swell and stare at you in the food dehydrator, unwilling to dry out because all the moisture is trapped under the tough skin. See how they are drying at all different rates? The cranberries took about hours. It about killed me to throw away two whole boxes, about 3 bags, of cranberries because I messed this up and they molded!

You may need to take some of the home dried cranberries out while the others catch up. Which leads me to this all-important tip:. When you think a food is finished drying out, put a few pieces in a plastic baggie and fold it over. Once you package the food for storage I use glass jars as often as I can, but I do rely on plastic bags, too , keep an eye on it over the next day. If you see any moisture collecting on the inside, get it back in the food dehydrator, stat! You can check to see if the pieces come apart after being pressed together tightly. Simply halve, pit, and arrange the cherry halves, skin side down, on the trays.

Mine took about 20 hours to finish drying. You could add a sprinkling of sugar or sweetener if you so desire. One year, we picked and dehydrated cherries and that time they were finished and delicious in 12 hours. Chewy is great, crunchy…not so much. It will take about pounds of cherries quarts to fill 5 Excalibur trays. Our family picked cherries at a farm that is not organic but practices integrative pest management and works to be eco-friendly. Dehydrating is truly a great way to conserve space for food storage! The photo below shows all the dried cherries I made sitting in my colander.

You bet. All fruits dehydrate at degrees F. Start the first hour at F to get things moving along faster without killing any enzymes. What about other fruits? Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links from which I will earn a commission. Katie Kimball is a trusted educator and author of 8 real food cookbooks. She is passionate about researching natural remedies and making healthy cooking easier for busy families. Busy moms look to this certified educator for honest, in-depth natural product reviews and thorough research.

She often partners with health experts and medical practitioners to deliver the most current information to the Kitchen Stewardship community. In she created the 1 bestselling online kids cooking course, Kids Cook Real Food, helping thousands of families around the world learn to cook. See all blog posts by Katie Kimball. I just found out about how to do all this But my issue is Preserving without a pressure canner Kitchen Stewardship How long can they be preserved this way without being sealed? Wilna, Just a few minutes, easy peasy! I have found one but not both of my kids likes the bananas.

I do this bath with the apples too. I just bought a nesco. I have found the shorter time produces a more chewy palatable banana and apple the kids like — but I set it overnight and results are not always consistent as it has not timer. I just tried strawberries and they turned out awful. I am still experiementing with slice thickness and time and it is hard if you are in and out with kids — or asleep!

What is the texture of dehydrated strawberries? Are they very chewy and do they stick to the teeth a lot like raisins? Thanks a lot! You can always try just a handful to experiment and make sure you like them! Length of time, of course, will make a difference — longer and they can be crunchy too. Sliced and they come out like a crunchy snack. Great advice. Thank you for the tips. I will attempt dehydrating apples today. Steaming vs lemon juice. Hi I know this post is old, but where did you pick cherries.

Kristen, I think it was Wells on the west side of GR. I made banana chips that snap in half like a chip, and start out crispy when you chew them, but turn chewy and really stick to your teeth. Is it possible they should still dry longer? Is it possible to just use wax paper?

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Andrea, Yikes, your comment got lost somehow! Sometimes dried fruit can be chewy completely and still be fully dry. Break and squeeze and look for moisture as another way to tell. It will still get enough heat without the holes. Have fun with it! Hey there, thanks for the great post! However, for future batches, what texture should the apples be after steaming? Around three minutes of steaming left me with half almost translucent, softened, and half solid apples. Also, have you ever dried apple rings instead of slices, and if so, any suggestions for cutting out the core neatly?

Your apples just steamed a little too long. I normally steam my apples 1. I test it out, if they begin to turn any a few minutes or so after steamed then I simple steam them for 30 seconds more. But they dry thinner.

I am going to try the apple recipe tonight. I was wondering though how long do you suggest soaking them for? How long do we dehydrate banana chips? And do i need to soak them or sprinkle them with something? Would love a response. Chips take maybe hours? I have had trouble with my batch of bananas from the dehydrator.

I put them in zip top baggies and they have developed kitchen moths in the baggies. Even the baggies in the tin container. I know I have never heard of moths hatching in dried foods. Will that happen to my other fruits and veggies too? Nancie, Yikes! Did that happen more than once? Alright — how do I get past my fear of everything going bad?

Or teach yourself — put part in the fridge and a handful in a bag in a drawer and label the date — see how long it lasts! LOL, thanks, this puts my mind at ease. Anyway, thanks, going to try again. Hi Katie, thank you for all this wonderful info on dehydrating fruit. My husband cooks most of our food in solar ovens and now we have a dehydrating component to use.

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My task will be keeping the temp low enough as solar ovens are hot. What happens if it gets hotter, you mentioned enzymes? Thank you, this was thee most user friendly site I found. Judy, Happy to help; sorry it took so many days!