Manual 75+ Facts You Need to Know for the NCLEX-PN Tes (Quick Review Notes)

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Updated my app, and now some of my content is gone. Some questions disappeared and none of the multimedia is showing up. Hello, I graduate high school this year and I have been looking for study tools because I would like to become and NP. This is a great preparation app and I would like to thank the developers for providing me with a chance to prepare for my future! Even with updating it. When I signed up was not sure how to postpone my free hour trial I lost the hr without even accessing the app and it is very limited in the free trial however expensive to buy premium.

Worth the money! The questions were challenging and the rationales were super helpful. Everything is still great, but one of the recent updates did a weird thing where it reset my percentage of correctly answered questions. Useful app! The user interface is friendly and crisp. I have recommended this app to a lot of my friends and classmates, and they have unanimously agreed that this is useful and well worth the price.

Their support team is also wonderful - their responses are quick, and it is obvious that they care about those who use their apps. If I could suggest one thing, it would be the ability to choose and combine certain topics you want to practice on e. Please make this happen! It would be useful for nursing school exams. This app is amazing. Thank you to everyone who plays a role in the creation and maintenance of this app.

First off I want to start by saying I love this app! I just wish I could get ahold of customer service for problems with it! At first it was working great for a few weeks but when I went to take my pre and post test simulation, they weren't there. Emailed customer service, it was fixed. Took a little longer than usual but ok. But then I was kicked off of premium in the app and reverted to the free version!! I emailed customer service on Monday and have yet to get a response. Will update my review if I receive a response. After a few days of waiting customer service finally helped me out and remedied the issue.

Worth every penny. I used RN mastery and Saunders. This app can also be used on the computer. Good luck everyone! Let me start by saying I passed my nclex with 75 questions on my first try. This app is pretty much all I used to study! I did take the Kaplan prep course however honestly, I didn't find it that helpful.

Getting familiar with nclex style questions is the most important thing! And I love how I could study the rationales. As long as I had my phone I could study : the daily reminders were also incredibly helpful leading up to the nclex too. The only thing Id suggest to anyone is buy not just the free version. Actually buy it.

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Its worth it this in either your first year of nursing school or before you start. While yes it will be harder because you dont have the knowledge base for a lot of the questions, it will really help you learn how to read nclex questions. I used this entire app and studied everyday for hours for 3 months and then went back and went over the questions i got wrong and studied those I read the rationales wether i got it right or wrong but still failed the nclex.

I will think about the refund I just wish this app had that feature. I feel it would help me and a lot of students out there even if you had to pay extra for that feature. TLDR: Great app but needs more nclex simulators to keep track of your scores and progress. The amount of content is more than expected because of the thorough rationales. I am leaving this review however because I would like to see some changes.

Most importantly is that right now I cannot access the new multimedia content because the app freezes then crashes. I have an iPhone X. Next is the small, encircled x in the corner of pictures that must be pressed to close a picture. Maybe make it bigger or make it so that I can swipe the picture away as I would with a picture on Facebook. You should be able to do something about the multimedia content but I understand if there are disagreements about the small x.

This program was prefect. That was in thanks to this program. My school provided ATI which was confusing with its rationals and a clunky program. This was a smooth and clear rationals. I was able to pop up the app whenever I had a moment to bang out a few questions or a longer session. The app on the phone is easy to use and was the biggest perk. Did one at the beginning and then a week out. The website was easy to access and work just as well as the mobile app for studying. Login problems solved! I love that there are rationales at the end of the questions, that you can mark it based on your knowledge of the question subject, and that you can track your progress.

Passed with 77 questions! I downloaded this app in the Spring of I was struggling with questions during nursing school and this really helped me understand the format of the tests. The rationales are elaborate and really help you understand so much information within just one question. I can not thank you enough for helping me! Leeann K. March 15, Excellent study tool! I got this app to help me answer questions using nclex style strategies. I had the content learned through school. Now it was making sure I knew the material. This app really is amazing.

I passed my nclex the first try and I focused on doing questions everyday. It also has study plans you can use to set goals for yourself. Great app! I would say I only used half of the questions from this app and it was good enough for me to pass with questions. I would recommend to do as many questions as you can to increase your chance of passing. It is so energy consuming! Even if you feel prepared go with a mind set that you will answer questions. Wish you the best!

Great study tool! It may be a little difficult to find exact questions you need for your particular exams but my favorite thing about this app is that it helps you to prepare and understand HOW to answer nursing test questions. It gives you a detailed rationale for each question and answer and helps to expand nursing knowledge. It is also a great refresher for testing your knowledge of basic nursing concepts and procedures you may have learned at the beginning of nursing school.

It is pricey but if you have the money I advise you to buy! Get this app! This app helped me pass my boards in 75 questions on the first try! I would encourage everybody to read the rationales to each question whether you get it right or wrong, because that little bit of knowledge can go a long way! I would highly recommend to anybody that is looking for a great source to use to help pass the NCLEX! Passed at 75 questions! One of the nurses I work with recommended this app! The rationales are very detailed and helpful. The simulations are very similar in appearance to the actual exam. I recommended this app to my friends and would recommend to anyone!

Everyone always raves about this app but you have to try it for yourself to see how great it is. It really does help and it's so convenient to have on your phone so that there are no excuses to not study. It also works on your tablet or laptop so they have covered all platforms and provided the tools for success you just have to use them! The questions are challenging and give rationales for everything. It also tells you areas that you are strong and weak in for a more focused study time. However, there is a limit to how many question you can answer and so the next best option is to switch to a premium membership.

I highly recommend this app. So helpful and easy to use! This app has helped me improve my test grades tremendously! It has such good, thought provoking questions and the rationale actually helps you learn. The features of having the categories separated out and being able to go back to previously answered questions just makes it even better. As a newlygrad student I recommend this product for those who have never taken nclex style questions before but are looking into nursing. I bought this my sophomore year first year for my school and it has helped me understand some confusing content in my courses.

Use this app as a way to quiz yourself to see how your nursing knowledge is going.

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More importantly, build your test taking skills. Update: I was finally able to log - in and am currently enjoying the app and its premium features. I tried to create an account, but the app would not let me. I signed up my email address and an error box would show at the top no text just a box. I tried checking to see if it went through despite that by logging in, and it just says check email or password. I used this app daily for 2 weeks before the exam and passed in 75 questions. The NCLEX simulation exam offered costs a little extra was spot on and extremely helpful in calming my anxiety and understanding exactly what to study before taking the exam.

I highly recommend this app to anyone prepping for boards! This is a great app and so easy to use! You can take this where ever you go. I had one issue between the app and online but the tech support was wonderful. They kept me updated on every fix and made sure I was taken care of till the issue was fixed!!

Overall, wonderful app and highly recommended!


Good Luck! This is really frustrating because the most recent one I had like that is actually the las question on a custom quiz I made. I am so happy I purchased this app. I am in a self study RN program no lectures just assigned readings , and this app has already proven extremely useful for me to gage how well I'm retaining and learning on my own. I really enjoy that I can customize the questions to the specific content I'm working on for example peds-cardiac.

Magoosh Vs. Kaplan – Which One is Best?

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enter Show-and-tell, Flat Stanley! Mom, it's my first day of kindergarten! Jones ; illustrated by Ryan Haugen. Eric ; art by James Dean. The survival guide for school success : Ron Shumsky, Susan M. Islascox, and Rob Bell. Wilson ; illustrated by J. Griswell ; illustrated by Valeri Gorbachev. Harper and Nancy M. Kindergarten, here I come! Steinberg ; illustrated by Mark Chambers. It's back to school we go! The quick six fix : no-fuss, full-flavor recipes : six ingredients, six minute prep, six minutes cleanup O'Keefe, Stuart. Coco Chanel : the illustrated world of a fashion icon Hess, Megan, author, illustrator.

The year of less : how I stopped shopping, gave away my belongings, and discovered life is worth more than anything you can buy in a store Flanders, Cait, author. Instant Chinese : how to express 1, different ideas with just key words and phrases De Mente, Boye.

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